The Court Historian

The Court Historian is published twice a year, in June and December. Information about the current and future issues is available here.

Current Issue

Volume 24, No. 3 (December 2019)

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Donna Landry & Philip Mansel – ‘Introduction: Horses and Courts: The Reins of Power’.
Julian Munby – ‘Men in the Saddle and Women on Wheels: The Transport Revolution in the Tudor and Stuart Courts’.
Kathryn Renton - ‘Breeding Techniques and Court Influence: Charting a ‘Decline’ of the Spanish Horse in the Early Modern Period’
Pia F. Cuneo – ‘The Reformation of Riding: Protestant Identity and Horsemanship at North German Courts’.
Valerio Zanetti – ‘From the King’s Hunt to the Ladies’ Cavalcade: Female Equestrian Culture at the Court of Louis XIV’.
Oliver Cox – ‘‘Newmarket that Infamous Seminary of Iniquity and Ill Manners’: Horses and Courts in the Early Years of George III’s Reign’.

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