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Archive Issue

Volume 26, No. 1 (April 2021)

Charlotte Backerra and Peter Edwards – ‘Introduction’
Andrew Murray – ‘Burgundian Sword Ritual: Charismatic and Regnal Authority at the Funeral of Philip the Good in Bruges, 1467’
Tülay Artan – ‘The First, Hesitant Steps of Ottoman Protocol and Diplomacy into Modernity (1676–1725)’
Tara Greig – ‘Reassessing the Rationale and Ritual of Hunting in the Changing Natural World of Post-Restoration England’
Nathan W. Perry – ‘Ritual, Law, and Faction at the Early Stuart Court: Chapman’s Memorable Maske and the Palatine Wedding’
Stephanie Koscak – ‘Rituals of Royal Masculinity in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Frederick, Prince of Wales, Takes a Mistress’

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