Journal Information

The Society for Court Studies oversees the production of its academic journal, The Court Historian - The International Journal of Court Studies. Edited by Philip Mansel from its inception in 1996, The Court Historian originally began as a newsletter for the Society’s members. Starting with the fourth volume in 1999, the newsletter transitioned to a more fully developed academic journal to include full length articles following a more rigorous scholarly format complete with footnotes, tables and appendices, and subject to peer-review. Since 2016, it has been edited by Jonathan Spangler and Liesbeth Geevers. Today, The Court Historian is published three times a year. Members of the Society receive copies of the journal as part of their membership, and individual articles can be downloaded from our publisher, Taylor & Francis.

The journal is the leading periodical in the field of Court Studies. It presents new work by major authors and experts, exploring all dimensions of court life, from politics, palaces and war to dress, dining and gardens. Articles are fully referenced, peer-reviewed and frequently illustrated. There have been special issues on, among other subjects, Coronations; Queens and the Transformation of Political Culture; Dance in Royal Palaces; Courts and Horses; and four issues on Courts and Capitals 1815-1914. These special issues have been put together by guest editors. The journal also includes book and exhibition reviews, as well as a listing of publications pertaining to court studies. Access to the online, word-searchable bibliography of publications since 1999 relating to court studies is an additional benefit of membership in the Society.

The journal’s current issues can be found here. Check out our complete listing of back issues here. You can also read some sample articles here.

Beginning in 2021, information pertaining to conferences (including conference reports), relevant events and exhibitions, and artefact sales are being published in the Society’s quarterly newsletter to members.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Jonathan Spangler, Manchester Metropolitan University

Co-Editor: Dr Liesbeth Geevers, Lund Universitet

Managing Editor: Dr David Gelber

Reviews Editor: Dr Silvia Z. Mitchell, Purdue University

The editorial team of The Court Historian welcomes submissions. For more information about submitting contributions for journal publication, visit our ‘Submissions and Author Guidance’ page here. If you wish to propose or discuss a special issue and/or be a guest editor, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at