Research and Publication Bursaries: £250

In line with its desire to support new researchers in the field of court studies The Society for Court Studies is launching bi-annual research and publication bursaries worth £250 each. The bursaries are available to all post-graduate and early career (within six years of PhD award) researchers working in the field of court studies in the broadest sense, political, cultural, architectural, military, art, environmental and diplomatic history, and gender studies, across any time period and geographical location.

The bursaries are intended to support, for example, archival visits, conference attendance, and photo permissions. Successful applicants will be those who can demonstrate that the award will make a material difference to the project upon which they are working. Please be as specific as possible in your application. Include which documents you wish to study, in which archives, which conference you seek to attend, how long your visit will take and the estimated costs of your visit. Please specify which image or images you seek to reproduce and the associated costs.

To apply for an award please send a statement of up to 250 words outlining your research, and the use to which you would put the award, to Joanna Tinworth ().

Applicants are welcome to attach their CV’s to confirm their eligibility for the award but the project will be judged on the quality of the abstract alone. Applicants may apply a maximum of two times for the same project. Winning applicants must wait 18 months before re-applying i.e. the third cycle of awards after they are successful. This is to ensure the widest distribution of the bursaries.

The annual deadlines for applications are 15 March, with awards being made in April, and 15 October, with awards being made in November. The committee’s decision is final, and the committee reserves the right not to make an award if no application of a suitable standard is received.