Sample articles

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David STARKEY, Henry VI’s Old Blue Gown ~ Vol 4,1

John T. ALEXANDER, The Courts of the Russian Empresses in the Eighteenth Century ~ Vol 4,2

Bernard WOELDERINK, The Dutch Royal Archives: The Hague ~ Vol 4,3

Niccolo DEL RE, Vatican Secret Archives: The Central Archive of the Catholic Church ~ Vol 5,2

Robert BUCHOLZ, Going to Court in 1700: A Visitor’s Guide ~ Vol 5,3

Emre ARACI, Giuseppe Donizetti Pasha and the Polyphonic Court Music of the Ottoman Empire ~ Vol 7,2

Jeroen DUINDAM, Rival Courts In Dynastic Europe ~ Vol 7,2

Virginia SCOTT, Orlando Furioso: Performance at the Valois and Bourbon Courts ~ Vol 8,2

R. Malcolm SMUTS, The Structure of the Court and the Roles of the Artist and Poet under Charles I ~ Vol 9,2

Sheila FFOLLIOTT, The Italian ‘Training’ of Catherine de Medici: Portraits as Dynastic Narrative ~ Vol 10,1

Robert LACEY, The Library of George III: Collecting for Crown or Nation? ~ Vol 10,2

David WATKIN, The Transformation of Munich into Royal Capital by Kings Maximilian I Joseph and Ludwig I of Bavaria ~ Vol 11,1